Company profile
Huanxing, is Foshan Huanzhixing Technology Co., Ltd. ​Hwan men's grooming brand.
We focus on the design and development of men's grooming products, and advocate a tuneful lifestyle.

Huanxing Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, focusing on the development of high-quality personal care products.


Paying great attention to the research, design and development of products, and progressing in continuous practice and technological improvement, the company has successfully made its products more comfortable and convenient to use, as well as more beautiful.


Innovation is the core quality and development idea of Handx Technology. Her high-talented R&D team makes the products refreshed and competitive.


The operation principle of our company is that we never compromise on quality in pursuit of a delicate life. Adhering to this principle, the company has achieved significant sales increase over the past two years and now is one of the top three famous brands of razor in China market.


Customers all over the world are welcome to visit our company for business discussion and cooperation for a win-win future together!